The Soba . Cool JAPAN.

The Soba .

  Kouan is particular about ingredients

 You are what you eat.

That is why it is important for me to choose the best ingredients for my home made soba.

 You will definitely enjoy my home cooked
soba and will be left feeling happy afterwards.

 I make use of domestic buckwheat that is traditionally produced.

With this process the buckwheat I use is more nutritional .

It smells fresh and the color is good .  

I’m very particular about the seasoning.

I use the best soysauce , mirin and siitakemushrooms
for the dip.


I offer not only the best soba
but also you can get cakes , jams and marmalade made of organic ingredients

Courses can also be ordered .

 I’m devoted to make customers happy and I’m
waiting for your coming.

 at Edinburgh
at Edinburgh